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Sweet Spot
Sweet Spot
Nylon, wood, metal
variable 50 x 24 x 10 feet

A meditation on color and the pleasure of seeing, Sweet Spot is an immersive installation made of 19 miles of thin multicolor nylon string hanging ceiling to floor through wood compartments. Artists Shawn Causey and Mark Daniell made the piece with a team of 84 volunteers. Comprised of 3700 individual strings in modular units, Sweet Spot can be extended up to two stories high and the footprint rearranged. There are twenty-five colors in the piece, including the black background. Each color is placed for its particular relationship to the colors surrounding it.

The movement of the viewer activates Sweet Spot as every change in perspective reveals new color harmonies. The strings seem to flicker and undulate as the eye moves. This effect compels the viewer to move slowly as the eye registers the ever-changing composition. The viewer may find their own 'sweet spot' of resonating color relationships as they relate one perspective to another.