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Vibe Street
Vibe Street
Shawn Causey and Mark Daniell | Acrylic latex on concrete
5000 square feet | Indianapolis, Indiana

Vibe Street is a 5000 square foot underpass mural created by Shawn Causey and Mark Daniell in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Comprised of more than 600 six-inch vertical stripes, the piece creates visual rhythm using 18 colors found in the surrounding environment.

The mural is part of Vibrant Corridors, a city-wide effort to create murals in key underpasses and gateways around downtown Indianapolis, funded in part by the Lilly Foundation and the Glick Fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, the Arts Council of Indianapolis, and Downtown Indy. This mural was completed during the 2014 Lilly Global Day of Service with the help of more than 200 Lilly Employees.